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At Hindlabs and Lifecare Centres, ‘Building Happiness’ is the key mantra

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07 Oct 2013 | Posted in Hindlabs blog

When Rijo first experienced a minor pain in his stomach, he thought it would pass. However, his pain sustained despite painkillers and he made an appointment to see his physician who suggested an MRI to diagnose any problem. “I went to a private MRI Scan centre at Ernakulam first. They gave me a statement charging INR 17000 for the MRI. Seeing me confused, it was my family doctor who recommended the Hindlabs MRI Centre at Thrissur. From the moment I walked into the Hindlabs, there were smiling faces all around; from the reception office staff to the Radiologists; every person listened to me with patience. I felt half relieved with the only tension remaining regarding the test results. The staff members were very caring and concerned which eased my nervousness. An MRI of the abdomen was done; the scanning said everything was normal. The money I paid for the MRI at Hindlabs was just one-third of what the authorities at the private scan centre had asked me to pay and the service they rendered priceless!” says 27 year old Rijo Varghese.

Rijo is just one among the thousands of patients who step into the Hindlabs Diagnostic centres every month. The story is almost similar at other diagnostic centres run by the Healthcare services division of HLL Lifecare Limited under the brand name Hindlabs which offer from radio diagnosis to a complete range of path lab services. Personalised attention, affordable cost and high quality service make Hindlabs different from other diagnostic service.

Hindlabs uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the most comprehensive and advanced imaging services and the facilities are designed to comply with National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) standards.

In 2008, HLL’s Healthcare Services Division’s first venture of Hindlabs (with path lab, X-Ray and ultrasound facilities) opened at R. K. Puram in New Delhi. Today, HLL Hindlabs function in every nook and corner of the country including all the metropolitan cities. All the centres are connected through World Class Tele-radiology facility for accurate, fast and expert diagnosis report generation.

By establishing Hindlabs MRI Scan Centres, HLL was initiating a much needed market intervention to the disorganised Radio diagnosis sector in Kerala. Hindlab’s market entry has forced the market to follow Hindlab’s price as a standard which eventually brought down the cost for MRI scan service in Kerala.

Apart from the facilities offered by the Hindlabs Network, the Healthcare Services Division also has outlets across the country to provide quality healthcare products under the brand name ‘Lifecare Centre’. Lifecare Centres are comprehensive medical retail outlets that offer surgical implants and consumables, essential life saving drugs, ophthalmic medicines and accessories such as lenses and frames.

HLL opened its first Lifecare Centre at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital in Kerala in partnership with the Government of Kerala in October 2011. The centre provides Surgical Implants, Consumables, and Life saving drugs at discount rates which come about 40 % of the market price. The Lifecare Centre at the Regional Institute of Ophthalmology in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala supplies ophthalmic products, including spectacles, lenses and frames at discount rates ranging from 10 to 60 percent. Today, Lifecare Centres are operating at Vadakara, Koyilandi, Pathanamthitta besides those at Tirupati, Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, districts of Odisha, Bengalur outside Kerala.

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